About Hentch Solutions

We are an independent professional organization committed to providing financial assistance to our clients in the areas that matter most.

From your finances to planning through retirement, our services are designed for individuals, families, businesses, and our senior population. To compliment these services we work closely with a leader in the financial field, Matson Money.


We are committed to helping you navigate your future planning, using Nobel Prize winning education in the area of investing. ​We believe long term solutions are critical in the planning process. 

Take a look around and let us know how we may be of assistance.


To coach our clients in taking the necessary steps to achieve their most important personal and financial goals. Goals will be achieved through education, review, plan implementation, customer service, and coaching.

About Me


Life experience is a great teacher. For more than 50 years I have learned life lessons by observing, asking questions, learning thru failure, building strong mentoring relationships and moving forward. My goals are simple: to help others (my family first) using the strengths I've learned along the way, and every day strive to be a blessing with others when opportunities and challenges come my way.

My professional goals are to assist and coach individuals, families, business owners and groups looking to develop financial strategies that save and protect assets. Also, I have a new found passion for coaching. Coaching leads to accountability, which leads to results. Taking action in anything you do keeps you on the "court of life". That's where I play!

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